Discover the profound world of Rapé, a Shamanic Snuff revered for its ceremonial and spiritual significance. Also known as Mapacho or Sacred Tobacco, Rapé has been utilized by indigenous tribes of the Americas for over 3,000 years. Far more potent than your conventional tobacco, Rapé is a blend made from Nicotiana Rustica and ashes from other medicinal plants. 

Perfectly crafted for rituals that require focus, intention-setting, and energetic cleansing, Rapé is not just a product—it's an ancient tradition reimagined for the modern spiritual journey. Note its application in shamanic practices as a precursor to ayahuasca ceremonies and its potential antidepressant properties attributed to its harmala alkaloids. While the scientific discourse often emphasizes tobacco’s health risks, Rapé offers a different narrative—one that speaks to its controlled and sacred use for mental, emotional, and spiritual revitalization. 

Each blend carries the unique imprint of its tribal creators, often distinguished by the name of the tribe and occasionally the shaman responsible for its crafting. Discover the diverse origins of Rapé, hailing from the rich Amazon landscapes of both Brazil and Peru. Sourced from various indigenous tribes like the Apurina, Huitoto, Kanamari, Katukina, Kaxinawa (Huni Kuin), Kuntanawa, Matses, Nukini, Shanenawa, and Yawanawa, this shamanic snuff boasts a lineage that is as varied as it is ancient. 


For beginners, a dose the size of a pea for each nostril is our guideline. Over time, you can fine-tune the amount to better suit your comfort level.

Before you begin, it's crucial to get acquainted with the Kuripe pipe’s usage. Initiate with a half pea-sized quantity, placing it at the pipe's nasal end. Insert the nasal end into your nostril, and use the mouth end to propel the blend. You may have to experiment to find out if more forceful, short bursts or longer, softer exhales work more efficiently for you. Remember to alternate nostrils after the first administration.

The success of any psychedelic or transformative substance often hinges on the environment and your mindset—rapé is no different in this regard.

Indigenous communities have a perspective on psychedelic substances that often diverges from Western views. In these communities, rapé is more than just a substance; it's a sacred ritual and a medium for prayers. They regard the plants with a high level of reverence, understanding their curative and instructive properties.

We advise creating a contemplative setting for your rapé session, much like what would be customary in the Amazon rainforests. A little incense and calming music can set the right mood for this spiritual endeavor.

When indigenous tribes in the Amazon use rapé, it's usually with a clear intention. Take a moment to center yourself and focus on your intentions before initiating your session.

Post-experience, you may find yourself in an overwhelmed state. Take some time to recenter. Sit quietly with closed eyes, practicing slow breathing to regain your focus.

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