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Huni Kuin Rapé - Xipão

Huni Kuin Rapé - Xipão

Huni Kuin Rapé - Xipão - 10gr

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Unlock the Secrets of Huni Kuin Xipão Rapé Snuff

Indulge in the transformative powers of Xipão, a sacred Rapé that delves into the realms of the mind and opens the third eye. Derived from a rare herb that thrives as a parasite on palm trees, Xipão emits a distinct and captivating fragrance. Highly coveted for its medicinal and spiritual properties, this elusive herb is exclusively used by the Huni Kuin in crafting their Rapé, making it a unique and sought-after blend.

Known for its therapeutic attributes, Xipão is employed by the tribesmen to address a spectrum of health concerns, including flu, fever, and respiratory issues. Beyond its medicinal prowess, Xipão exhibits a calming effect, soothing the nerves and inducing a state of mental relaxation.

This sacred snuff incorporates ashes from the native cacao (Theobroma cacao) of the region, adding a layer of depth to its composition. The cacao, thriving in the lower regions near rivers, contributes to cardiovascular health and imparts a reddish hue, characteristic of this medicine. The inclusion of cacao elevates the Rapé, infusing it with a unique energy that resonates with the mystical force of the Amazon forest, the ancestral home of the Huni Kuin.

Crafted by the skilled hands of Chief Siã from the Jordão region, this Rapé embodies the sacred tradition of the Huni Kuin. Our enduring partnership with Chief Siã Sales extends beyond Rapé, encompassing treasures from the heart of the forest, such as Dragon’s Blood collected deep within the Amazon.

Sacred Connection takes immense pride in collaborating with Chief Siã and his tribe, bringing you the sacred medicines that echo the wisdom and traditions of their ancient culture. Immerse yourself in the profound energies of the Amazon with the unique and powerful Huni Kuin Xipão Rapé Snuff - 10gr.

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