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  • How do I use the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit?

    A: For detailed instructions on using the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit, please visit growkit.net.

  • Do you ship to Switzerland or outside Europe?

    Yes and no !. 

    While we may ship certain items to CH with conditions, we cannot ship our whol einventory.

    Customers from abroad are using parcel forwarding services, like this one Shopandship.com , those services will receives your parcel from us in netherland for example, and then dispatch it to you anywhere in th world.

    There is many other parcel forwarding company, we are not affiliate with any of them, and make sure to respect their terms and conditions.

  • Do you ship to my country ?

    We ship to all European countries (EURO ZONE), from Amsterdam, The Netherland.

    We do not ship to USA, UK & Switzerland.

    Some products cannot be shipped due to local restriction, please be sure to check your local law before ordering, we decline all responsibilities in case we mistakenly ship to a restricted country. 

  • What are your payment methods ?

    We a number of payment methods, always discreet and secure.
    You can pay with :

    -Credit card
    -Bank transfer
    -Bitcoin on regular and lightning network

  • Do you do discreet delivery ?

    YES, you do not have to think about this, we will deliver your package in a blank packaging, without our brand name or anything else, just your address and our return address.

  • My growkit is not working.

    Be sure to follow the instructions by the letter, they are available on the product page, we also advise to visit growkit.net it is a wonderful resource with all instructions for all kits, all brands.
    We ensure that all growkits sent out from our warehouse are 100% fresh and clean.
    Growing a growbox can be difficult and many things can go wrong and lead to a contamination, please bear in mind that we do not offer replacement or refund for our growkit or any "live" product .

  • Where can I find instructions for growing and harvesting my grow kit, regardless of the brand or technique?

    For detailed instructions on how to grow and harvest your grow kit, we recommend visiting growkit.net. There, you will find comprehensive instructions for all types of grow kits, including mycotek, mycotrop, and other popular brands. The website provides valuable guidance on various growing techniques, substrate preparation, optimal environmental conditions, and harvesting methods. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, growkit.net offers a wealth of information to ensure successful cultivation and a bountiful harvest. Explore the website to access instructions tailored to your specific grow kit and your cultivation goals.

  • Free shipping explained

    We offer free shipping starting at 125eur * for :







    For Italy, Portugal, Spain  free shipping start at 200eur.

    * During site-wide promotion, free shipping might not be offered.

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