Discover the Puyanawa, an indigenous community residing in the far western reaches of the Brazilian state of Acre. Their history is marked by resilience, as they endured immense suffering during the late 19th and early 20th centuries due to the rubber industry's exploitation. Many of their people fell victim to diseases and clashes during this challenging period. As they faced the brink of cultural extinction, the Puyanawa were subjected to forced labor on rubber plantations, conversion to Christianity through catechism, and mandatory schooling. Much like neighboring tribes in the region, they embarked on a determined journey to reclaim their cultural heritage.

In a remarkable development, the Puyanawa initiated the first-ever Indigenous Convention on Ayahuasca, where numerous tribes from the region convened to deliberate the use and dissemination of their ancestral medicines, particularly Ayahuasca. This convention has evolved into an annual gathering, steadily gaining momentum and participation. The Puyanawa are renowned for crafting exquisite Puyanawa Rapé Snuff, a testament to their creative spirit and cultural resilience. Explore their offerings and celebrate the enduring legacy of the Puyanawa people.

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