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Puyanawa Rapé - Pixuri

Puyanawa Rapé - Pixuri - 10gr

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Experience the exquisite blend of Puyanawa Rapé - Pixuri - 10gr, skillfully crafted with the aromatic Pixuri leaves and Murici ashes. This unique Rapé showcases the essence of Pixuri, a traditional medicinal herb cherished by the Puyanawa people, infusing it with a delightful fragrance that imparts a distinctive flavor to the sacred medicine. Pixuri, derived from the leaves of the Pixuri tree, is a key ingredient in their Rapé formulations. Beyond its appealing taste, Pixuri holds significant medicinal value in indigenous traditions.

Pixuri, also known as Puxuri or Apuxuri, boasts a myriad of benefits. Its leaves offer a refreshing and minty aroma, differing from the nutmeg-like taste of its seeds. These leaves exhibit antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, which are particularly advantageous in Rapé Snuff, supporting respiratory health. Additionally, Pixuri is believed to enhance libido, serving as a natural aphrodisiac. Similar to nutmeg, it is said to induce feelings of happiness when consumed in sufficient quantities, making it a valuable addition to Rapé rituals.

Discover the cultural richness of the Puyanawa tribe, residing in their ancestral lands near the Peruvian border within the municipality of Mancio Lima. Like other Pano tribes in the region, the Puyanawa endured profound challenges during the rubber boom era but are now dedicated to revitalizing their traditions and medicinal practices while harmonizing with the modern world. Although renowned locally for their exquisite handicrafts, they are steadily gaining international recognition for their Sacred Rapé Snuffs. Explore the world of Puyanawa Rapé - Pixuri - 10gr and embark on a journey of cultural heritage and sacred healing.

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