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Puyanawa Rapé - Jagube

Puyanawa Rapé - Jagube - 10gr

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Crafted with the ashes from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, Puyanawa Rapé - Jagube - 10gr offers a unique and spiritually enriched experience.

Jagube, an alternative name for the Banisteriopsis caapi vine, adds another layer of depth to the vast lexicon of names for this sacred plant. Known as the primary ingredient in the legendary Ayahuasca brew, the vine has multiple monikers across Indigenous tribes and Ayahuasquero groups. Some, like the Santo Daime tradition in Brazil, refer to it as Jagube, while others commonly use the name Mariri. It is often hailed as the "vine of the soul," a conduit for communing with the spiritual realm inhabited by ancestors. The Puyanawa people, under the guidance of their Cacique (chief), have incorporated the vine's ashes into the creation of this Rapé, a tradition rooted in their Ayahuasca sacrament-making process. While the Ayahuasca brew predominantly utilizes the vine's bark, the leftover wood has found its purpose in producing ashes.

The Banisteriopsis caapi vine infuses strength and resilience into the Ayahuasca brew, serving as the conduit for unlocking visionary experiences when combined with Ayahuasca leaves. Additionally, it provides grounding, a vital aspect of the journey. According to the legend of the Uniao do Vegetal (the union of plants) Ayahuasca religion, the initial preparation of the brew with only the leaves resulted in the person ascending so high that they left their physical form. The vine subsequently grew atop their grave, and when combined with the leaves, it established the union of plants, symbolizing the connection to the earth and grounding. While this legend contains inaccuracies regarding the sole use of leaves, it underscores the vine's role in grounding and connecting to the earthly realm.

Our Puyanawa friend and Rapé master affirm that in Puyanawa Jagube Rapé, the vine's ashes embody these mystical and mythical qualities, transferring them to the snuff.

Puyanawa Jagube Rapé derives its distinctive flavor from a touch of pixuri leaf, a cherished herb among the Puyanawa for its cleansing and elevating properties. Pixuri seeds, alternatively known as Brazilian nutmeg, boast a pleasant flavor and culinary applications. The leaves find utility in herbal baths for energetic cleansing and various magical concoctions.

Experience the spiritual enrichment and unique essence of Puyanawa Rapé - Jagube - 10gr, where tradition and nature converge to offer you an exceptional journey of elevation and cleansing.

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