We are proud to present the growkits from Mycotrop. Here you will find all kinds of strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms, from the best known like Mexicana, to the rarest like Yetis, passing by the powerful Panaeolus Cyanescens.

Among this wide choice of products, you will surely find what you need.

The instructions provided with the growkit make it possible to obtain homemade mushrooms, accessible to everyone. We also offer accessories for growing your kits to increase the temperature and reduce the risk of contamination.

Most magic mushroom kits are Psilocybe Cubensis, for their ease of growing quickly indoors. Among this wide genus, we offer several varieties. Beginner growers can choose an easy and known variety, such as Golden Teacher or McKenaii, and those more experienced will dare the Penis Envy or White Rabbit moose.

Nevertheless, it is possible to opt for a culture of mushrooms with different characteristics, such as Psilocybe Semilanceata or Azurescens. These require different growing conditions but will give you a memorable trip.

The life of a growkit is divided into two stages: colonization and fruiting. During colonization, the mycelium spreads thanks to air saturated with humidity and high heat. Once the mycelium has colonized the substrate, fruiting occurs: the first head of fruit - the mushrooms - appears on the surface of the bread. We then lower the humidity, the temperature and we bring air more regularly by opening the bag. You just have to watch your magic mushrooms grow, until their veil is torn!

You can make your harvest in 2 or 3 times: to do so, turn the stem of the mushroom and pull it towards you, so you can remove all the fruit from the bread. Once all the mushrooms have been picked, remove the mushroom tips remaining in your substrate: you can restart your growkit again. To do this, nothing could be simpler, follow the instructions: immerse the bread in water and place it in your (clean) refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours.

The main problem for the growkit is contamination: it could ruin all your results. This is why it is strongly advised to disinfect your tools, your hands and to place the grow kit in a room and a healthy environment.

The quantity of mushrooms harvested varies from one growkit to another: this may be due to several factors (genetics, growing conditions...) but quantity does not mean quality. You can eat them fresh or dry them and then store them in jars, preferably airtight.

With a single growkit, you will be able to make at least 3 harvests, often 4. Some growers have already gone up to 8! However, you have to be careful: the mushrooms must not release their spores or the mycelium may no longer produce fruit. To do this, you have to harvest them in time and not wait too long once the veil is torn and the magic mushrooms open.

Also note that growing characteristics can vary depending on the variety of mushrooms, so it is important to carefully read the instructions provided, or even research the internet to get inspiration from other growers. The ideal temperature or humidity can change from one Psilocybe to another. Even from one variety of Psilocybe Cubensis to another, there will sometimes be a few specific details that are best to know.

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