Psilocybe Cubensis - RUSTY WHITE - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 2
Psilocybe Cubensis - RUSTY WHITE - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 3
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Psilocybe Cubensis - RUSTY WHITE - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 2
Psilocybe Cubensis - RUSTY WHITE - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 3

Psilocybe Cubensis - RUSTY WHITE - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit


1 x syringe with Psilocybe Cubensis Rusty White liquid culture

1 x alcohol swab

1 x sterile substrate (1200ml) growbox

1 x unicorn grow bag

2 x paper clips

Tax included


Introducing Psilocybe Cubensis - Rusty White, exclusively developed and celebrated in the lush regions of Canada. Often referred to as Rusty Whyte, this strain of magic mushrooms is renowned for its distinctive albino pigmentation and enchanting snow-white caps, complemented by the rare phenomenon of red spore dropping.

The Rusty White Magic Experience

Designed for both rookies and seasoned mycological enthusiasts, Rusty White Cubensis presents itself as a magical journey wrapped in an upbeat aura. Whether you seek a profound spiritual quest akin to the Golden Teachers or a lively social experience, Rusty White delivers with an exceptional intensity of visuals and above-average potency.

Striking Features:

  • Appearance: A beautiful amalgamation of small to medium-sized shrooms showcasing pristine white caps.
  • Potency: Above-average strength, offering both intense visual experiences and heightened spiritual journeys.
  • Vibe: Notable for its euphoric energy, perfect for social gatherings or intimate moments of introspection.

Historical Journey of Rusty White

Emerging not from nature's bosom but the genius of an amateur mycologist named PastyWhyte, Rusty White was carefully nurtured to perfection through painstaking efforts. It took years of dedicated cultivation, testing, and refinement, and when unveiled, it was met with joyous applause within the magic mushroom community.

Effects and Experience of Rusty White Cubensis

Prepare for an unprecedented psychoactive escapade with Rusty White Cubensis. It's a harmonious blend that elevates your consciousness, spurs creative introspection, and fosters a sense of camaraderie and contentment.

Visual Hallucinations: Witness the world through a vivid kaleidoscope, with shapes transforming and colors dancing. Open or closed eyes, you'll be entranced by complex fractals and fascinating forms.

Social Enhancement: Feel an uninhibited flow of emotions, enhancing conversations and connections, perfect for various social settings.

Spiritual Growth: Embark on an enlightening journey that allows for deep self-exploration and a sense of universal connectedness.

Dosage Guide for a Tailored Experience:

  • Creative Exploration: 0.5 to 1.25 Grams
  • Casual Recreation: 1.5 to 2 Grams
  • Complete Recreation: 2 to 3.5 Grams
  • Advanced Exploration: 3.5 to 5 Grams
  • Heroic Journey: 5 to 7+ Grams


The Psilocybe Cubensis - Rusty White - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit is your gateway to an unparalleled world of magic mushrooms. Whether a novice or a master, this strain welcomes you to discover its richness. Rusty White not only encapsulates an extraordinary visual experience but also a spiritual and social bond that lingers long after the journey ends. Experience the magic of Rusty White and embrace a world where every moment is a celebration.

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