Mycotek Liquid Cultures are a premium line of liquid cultures specifically designed for growing magic mushrooms. These cultures are exclusive to Mycotek, a leading provider of high-quality mushroom cultivation supplies and equipment. Unlike traditional spore syringes, which contain only spores and require additional steps to germinate and grow into mycelium, Mycotek Liquid Cultures contain living mycelium, which is the vegetative part of the mushroom that grows underground. This means that with a liquid culture, you can skip the germination step and start growing your mushrooms right away.

Is there something more cutting edge than microdosing ? Creative designers, tech entrepreneurs, IT and AI programmers, there are few industry leaders who are not experimenting with these enlightening supplements. Improved mood, focus and creativity are the primary benefits where the goal is not to trip. The dose is sub-hallucinogenic so that you can go about your daily life whist opening your mind's true potential and gain a little boost. On Mycotrop you will find our carefully constructed magic truffle microdose, or if you are already used to your own special concoction we've got all the supplies you need.

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