Discover the Insights of Shawãkaya, Our Shawãdawa Partner:

Allow us to introduce you to Shawãkaya, a cherished member of the Shawãdawa nation, who shares some illuminating thoughts: "We, the Shawãdawa community, reside along the upper Juruá River across four designated tribal territories.

In the present day, our primary mission as the Shawã people revolves around safeguarding our ancestral lands and the pristine forest, which serves as the repository of our rich cultural heritage and an abundance of natural medicines.

Guided by the wisdom passed down from our forebears and the transformative power of our sacred remedies, we embark on a profound journey of healing while embracing the teachings of our ancestors. The term 'Shawã' signifies Macaw, and 'Dawa' represents family, aptly encapsulating our identity as the Macaw Family. In addition to our use of shamanic medicines such as Rapé and Ayahuasca, we also have a profound connection with a diverse array of forest medicines." Our esteemed partner comes from a lineage of Shawãdawa healers, deeply rooted in the Sacred Medicines of the forest. Notably, his grandmother achieved the remarkable age of 124 years—an astonishing fact. His mother, a renowned healer, possesses extensive knowledge of the forest's botanical treasures. Shawãkaya tirelessly champions his people's traditions, working tirelessly to preserve them, and continues to explore and learn about their medicinal treasures, including the Sacred Rapé Snuff, or Dawê Rupusuti, as it is known in their native tongue.

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