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Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi

Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi

Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi - 10gr

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Introducing Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi - 10gr, Your Daily Snuff

Experience the essence of daily vitality with Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi. This exceptional Rapé from the Shawãdawa tradition combines the powerful attributes of Putuvi, a revered medicinal herb, with the rich heritage of the Shawã people, symbolized by the vibrant red Macaw, the Arara. Putuvi, in Shawã tradition, is a Rapé designed for daily use, offering a source of productivity, energy, and unwavering focus. What sets it apart is its convenience – no special preparations or dietary restrictions are needed to enjoy its benefits.

In the words of the skilled Shawãdawa Rapé Snuff maker:

"With the inclusion of the Putuvi herb, our Rapé becomes a versatile remedy. We utilize it to alleviate various discomforts, including headaches, flu symptoms, insomnia, mental disturbances, and fatigue. It's a tool we employ to nurture our community, an elixir that can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily routine without the need for dietary constraints."

The following narrative, conveyed directly by the Rapé maker, delves into the heart of the Shawãdawa culture and the essence of their sacred Rapé tradition, shedding light on the two medicines presented here.

"The Shawãdawa people inhabit the upper Jurua river region, residing across four distinct indigenous demarcated lands. Our primary mission today revolves around safeguarding our ancestral territories and the pristine forest, which houses the wealth of our natural medicines. Additionally, we are unwavering in our commitment to preserving and revitalizing our culture, a legacy imparted by our forebears. The use of our sacred medicines forms the core of our healing practices and ancestral teachings.

We share our linguistic roots with other Pano-speaking families like the Yawanawa, Poyanawa, Kaxinawa, Jaminawa, Deadawa, Kuntanawa, and many more. 'Shawã' translates to 'Arara' or 'Macaw,' and 'Dawa' signifies 'family.' Thus, we proudly identify ourselves as the 'Macaw Family.'

For the Shawãdawa, the use of Rupusuty, our term for Rapé in our language and tradition, carries profound significance. It encompasses the study of medicinal plants that bestow strength upon our spirits and facilitate the healing of physical ailments. To become a true forest warrior, one must intimately understand these medicines and their powers, often through traditional diets. The more potent the medicine, the more extensive the dietary commitment."

Experience the synergy of tradition and vitality with Shawãdawa Rapé - Putuvi, your daily companion for well-being and focus.

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