Just Seeds - Jack Herer [AUTO]

Type: AutofloweringGenetics: Jack Herer x RuderalisPhenotype: 45% SATIVA – 35% INDICA – 20% RUDERALIS THC: 22% CBD: N/A

Just Seeds - Gelato [AUTO]

Type: AutofloweringGenetics: Gelato x RuderalisPhenotype: Indica Dominant 20% Sativa – 60% Indica – 20% RuderalisTHC: 24% CBD: 0.2%

Just Seeds - No Bullsh*t!

We offer you high quality cannabis seeds at a very good and competitive price!

We understand that the cost of a seed can often be inflated by excessive marketing and packaging costs, which is why we focus on what really matters: the quality of the seeds themselves.

Our packaging is sustainable and modern and we don't believe in spending money on flashy disposable packaging that ends up in the landfill.

Instead, we invest in quality genetics and work to keep our prices low. The low price speaks for itself with us! Each seed is a real bargain while keeping the right quality!

We strive to serve our customers - that is, you! - to deliver the best seeds possible without all the "bullsh*t" that often comes with other brands. Our motto is simple: "Just Seeds - no bullsh*t!" No fuss, no frills, just high quality seeds at a price you can afford. A price that focuses on the essentials. Namely on the quality and nothing else!

We don't believe in big marketing campaigns or flashy promotional tactics. Instead, we let our seeds speak for themselves and let our customers do the talking. And with a satisfaction rate of over 90%, we're confident that our seeds will speak for themselves.

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