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Caapi - Banisteriopsis Caapi Red 40:1 Extract Herborist - 1

Caapi - Banisteriopsis Caapi Red 40:1 Extract

Very strong Caapi exctract: 40x extract Muricata / Red.
Unique full spectrum Banisteriopsis caapi extract.
This MOA inhibitor contains all the alkoloids of the Caapi vine.

  • 10 ml
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Herborist 40:1 Caapi Red Powder Extract - The Mystical Essence of the Andes

Unparalleled Purity, Unquestionable Quality

Region of Origin:

Handpicked from the spiritually-rich Andean Mountains, offering a unique vibrational frequency compared to other Caapi variants.

Extraction Method:

Combining modern percolation and freeze-drying techniques, our 40:1 Caapi Red Powder Extract is crafted for the ultimate transformative experience.

Farm Details:

Consciously cultivated on GMS Ecuador Parcela 1, where sustainability meets spirituality.


Convenient, 100% soluble powder form.

Bottle Content:

Each 10 ml dropper bottle contains 0.33 grams of exceptional Caapi Red Powder Extract.

Ignite the Flame of Inner Wisdom with Caapi Red

Why Choose Herborist Caapi Red Powder Extract?

  • High Potency: Unveil layers of consciousness with our 40:1 Caapi Red Powder Extract.
  • Solubility: Effortlessly dissolves in distilled water, making it the perfect companion for your spiritual quests.
  • Versatility: Whether you're new to microdosing or an Ayahuasca veteran, our extract has something to offer for everyone.

Preparation for Use

To utilize the power of this unique extract, add distilled water to the 10 ml dropper bottle, containing 0.33 grams of Caapi Red Powder Extract.

How to Use

  • Microdosing: Follow the 3-week regimen of 5 drops three times a day, take a 15-day break, and resume.
  • Ayahuasca Dosage: Recommended for those who seek to delve into profound spiritual landscapes.

Storage Instructions

  • Unmixed: Maintain potency for up to 5 years.
  • Mixed: Retains effectiveness for up to 3 months after activation.
1 Reviews

Top recommendation for the shop
I have ordered 3 botlles from this shop and they have arrived to Germany nicely packed within a few days. The quality is top. The shop gets the best rating from me too
By Alexander on 02/21/2022

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