Psilocybe Cubensis - MEXICANA - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 2
Psilocybe Cubensis - MEXICANA - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 3
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Psilocybe Cubensis - MEXICANA - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 2
Psilocybe Cubensis - MEXICANA - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit Mycotek Inject & Forget - 3

Psilocybe Cubensis - MEXICANA - Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit


1 x syringe with Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana liquid culture

1 x alcohol swab

1 x sterile substrate (1200ml) growbox

1 x unicorn grow bag

2 x paper clips

Tax included


Embark on a mystical journey with the Psilocybe Cubensis - Mexicana, a magical strain of mushrooms that has been woven into the very fabric of Mexican culture. This Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit allows you to cultivate this awe-inspiring variety with ease and efficiency.

Historical Significance

Known as the forefathers of all magic mushrooms, the Mexicana strain played a vital role in pre-Hispanic art, culture, and spiritual practices. Once revered as the "Teonanacatl" or "flesh of the gods," these mushrooms have a rich legacy that transcends time. In contemporary times, they're affectionately known as "Pajaritos" or "little birds."

The Pinnacle of Mexican Magic Mushrooms

This strain, native to Guadelajara, Mexico, is renowned for its vivid and transformative effects. Being the first identified psychoactive mushroom, it carries a potent combination of psilocybin and psilocin. It's no wonder it's the most sought-after variety in Dutch Smart Shops and continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts worldwide.

Cultivation Simplified

Growing the Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana is now easier than ever with the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit:

  • Environment-Friendly: Suitable for most conditions, and prefers a temperature of 22-24ºC with 60-80% humidity.
  • Generous Harvests: With proper care, expect up to four fruitful harvests. Grow them in a heated mini-greenhouse for optimal results.
  • Resistance and Growth: Known to ward off infestations effectively and colonize at a moderate pace, yielding medium bodies with caps ranging from 20-45 mm.

Aesthetic and Physical Attributes

  • Color Transformation: Experience the mesmerizing color transition from creamy richness to subtle buff as they mature.
  • Stem and Gills: Slender legs that are asexual inside, turning blue upon cutting, paired with greyish-greenish gills that darken over time.
  • Veil Appearance: Witness the fascinating disappearing veil that might leave traces of white spots on the cap, resembling a ring skirt on the stem.

Mycelium Base and Output

  • Substrate Choices: Ideal for colonization on various substrates like rye, hay-straw, pearl barley, wheat, oats, and buckwheat.
  • Increased Yield: Utilize complex mixtures for enhanced psychoactivity and productivity, potentially harvesting up to 250-300g from 1 liter of mycelium.

Ideal for Beginners and Experts

Whether you're an experienced mycologist or a beginner ethnobotanist, this growkit simplifies the cultivation process, making it accessible to all.


Embrace the rich heritage and transformative experience of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana with the Mycotek Inject & Forget Growkit. Engage in a profound connection with nature and history as you cultivate these magical mushrooms, and immerse yourself in their inspiring and uplifting effects.

Bring home this piece of Mexican tradition, and start your cultivation journey today with Mycotek!

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