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Katukina Rapé - Blond

Katukina Rapé - Blond

Katukina Rapé – Blond - 10gr

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Introducing Katukina Rapé – Blond, a Breath of Freshness with Medium Strength

Katukina Blond unveils a delightful and invigorating Rapé, carefully crafted by our esteemed allies from the Katukina tribe. This Sacred Snuff is an artful blend of the finest tobaccos, showcasing the distinctiveness of Brazilian Mapacho known as "moi," reminiscent of the Peruvian Mapacho Masso but with an even finer quality. Cultivated organically, moi is a beautifully flavored Nocotiana Rustica, grown and cured in accordance with local traditions by the forest dwellers.

Adding to the potency of Katukina Blond is the inclusion of natural corda or 'string' tobacco, sourced from the Northeastern city of Arapiraca, renowned for its centuries-old cultivation of fine Rustica tobacco. The result is a harmonious marriage of tobaccos, each contributing to the unique character of this Shamanic Snuff.

To enhance the freshness and elevate the sensory experience, a touch of eucalyptus is introduced. While not native to Brazil, eucalyptus has found its place in the rapé tradition, adding a subtle and invigorating quality without overpowering the medicine's essence. The infusion of eucalyptus serves to open nasal passages and clear the mind, making it an ideal choice for a gentle morning ritual that uplifts the spirit.

Hailing from the Katukina tribal lands of Capinas, near the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, this rapé embodies the natural richness of the Jurua valley—a region teeming with indigenous communities and pristine forests, considered by locals as the best medicine of all. Katukina Blond Rapé offers a refreshing and medium-strength experience, a breeze of revitalizing energy to start your day on a positive note. Immerse yourself in the essence of the forest with Katukina Rapé – Blond - 10gr.

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