Nukini Rapé - 7 Stars

Nukini Rapé - 7 Stars

Nukini Rapé - 7 Stars - 10gr

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Unlock the potential of your throat chakra with the extraordinary Nukini Rapé - 7 Stars. A masterpiece crafted by our Nukini Rapé expert, this blend surpasses expectations with its delightful fusion of fruity and fresh minty tones, delivering a powerful yet seamlessly smooth experience. The enchanting fragrance is derived from Embaubinha (Cecropia lyratiloba), a creeper adorned with silvery leaves, offering a unique scent that sets it apart from other herbs in Rapé Shamanic Snuff.

Emanating beautiful fruity notes, this Rapé is designed to uplift the spirit, drawing from herbs traditionally associated with spiritual cleansing. Some of these herbs also possess natural analgesic properties and contribute to respiratory well-being. The Tsunu ash employed in this blend complements the overall composition, particularly aiding in opening the throat chakra and enhancing communication.

Awarded seven stars, this Rapé attains its status not only due to its exceptional quality but also for its ability to transport you to the celestial realms. The name "7 Stars" pays homage to the Pleiades, the seven sisters, a mythical abode of our ancestors. Across various tribal narratives, ancestral origins are traced back to the stars, with many stories converging on the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. This medicine is a tribute to that ancient cosmic memory.

Communication, in the context of this Rapé, extends beyond the physical realm. Chief Biraci of the Yawanawa emphasizes that Rapé Snuff facilitates communication with our ancestors. The silvery leaves of Embaubinha, reflecting the moonlight, serve as a symbolic bridge between Earth and the heavens. Take a moment to meditate and reconnect with your lineage, tracing the journey through ages and honoring your ancestry. Nukini Rapé - 7 Stars invites you to explore communication on profound levels, embracing the celestial connection that transcends time and space.

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