Nukini Rapé - Aura Cleanse

Nukini Rapé - Aura Cleanse

Nukini Rapé – Aura Cleanse - 10gr

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Experience the revitalizing essence of our exclusive product, the Nukini Rapé – Aura Cleanse our featured rapé for the month of April. This meticulously crafted rapé is a creation by one of our skilled artisans, renowned for masterpieces like Sansara and White Roses.

A harmoniously balanced Nukini Snuff, it is expertly composed with top-quality robust Sabia tobacco, Sanu ashes, and a local herb known as Lourim or Lourinho, meaning "little laurel." Hailing from the Pixury and Nisural family, this blend emanates a delightful minty aroma that invigorates the mind and heightens the senses. It holds a special place as one of my personal favorites.

The Lourim herb, utilized by specific tribes for addressing depression, is a key component in herbal baths known for their potent Aura Cleanse. These baths are deeply ingrained in Brazilian spirituality, practiced by indigenous communities, Afro-descendants, and European spiritualists alike. Immerse yourself, and you'll feel as if a burdensome weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Herbal baths are integral to the healing traditions in Brazilian spirituality, spanning various cultural backgrounds. When taken as a snuff with focused intentions and prayers, the Aura Cleanse rapé is believed to disperse negative energies, aligning with its purpose. Embrace the transformative power of our Aura Cleanse – a name chosen with the intent to capture the essence of purification and energetic renewal.

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