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Nukini Rapé - Elixir

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Known as Povo da Onça (The Jagua People) within their community, the Nukini inhabit the Vale do Juruá (Juruá Valley) and Serra do Môa (Môa Mountain Range) region in the state of Acre. They are divided into four main clans: the Inubakevu (the Spotted Jaguar People), the Panabakevu (the Açaí People), the Itsãbakevu (the Patois People), and the Shãnumbakevu (the Snake People).

Similar to other indigenous groups, the Nukini faced significant challenges during the Amazon Rubber Cycle era, resulting in the loss of community members, heritage, and culture, including their language. Despite these losses, the Nukini currently maintain a stable socioeconomic structure, primarily based on fishing, hunting, and farming local fruits and plants.

As part of the Pano-speaking peoples, the Nukini actively strive to strengthen their traditions, reclaiming the richness of their customs and history. They pass down this knowledge to younger generations through the teaching of traditional craftsmanship techniques and the cultivation of sacred medicine. These initiatives aim to recover cultural aspects lost in the past and emphasize appreciation for their spirituality.

Learn more about the history and culture of this diverse community here.

Nukini Elixir Rapé and its Benefits

The key ingredient in this extraordinary snuff is Tabaco Sabiá (Thrust Tobacco), a variation of Nicotiana rustica. The leaves undergo drying and fermentation before being molded into ropes, forming fresh cylinders that can weigh up to 10kg. These cylinders mature to produce sacred traditional medicines, especially used in healing ceremonies. Blends containing this tobacco species are particularly potent, often incorporating Tsunu ashes for spiritual and physical healing and energetic cleansing.

What sets the Nukini Rapé Elixir apart is the inclusion of Elixir de Vagem (Vagem Elixir). This sacred plant, named after its flowering location at the deepest river banks called "vagem," is harvested during dry seasons. Vagem is rare due to its restricted harvesting period and is commonly used in baths to prevent afflictions, reduce fever and pain, and provide physical and spiritual protection.

The Story Behind Nukini Rapé Elixir

Crafted by the skilled hands of rapé maker Rudilene, a healer with over a decade of experience in shamanic snuff production, Nukini Elixir Rapé represents a profound connection to spirituality. Rudilene, together with her husband Erison Nukinin, began making Rapé in 2010, intending to sell it. The success of their Rapé sales enabled them to establish their own village and build their community from the resources generated.

For Rudilene, Rapé is more than a product; it symbolizes spiritual elevation, strength, and healing. Her meticulous work reflects a deep focus, care, and respect for those who receive the medicine. She emphasizes working with Rapé as a form of medicine, offering healing, steadiness, strength, and insight to people.

Setting up the Nukini Elixir Rapé Ritual

Choose a meaningful place for your Rapé ritual, filled with spirituality and energy flow. Ground yourself in the present, focus on your intentions for the ritual and the sacred medicine. Consider your expectations, guidance needs, and areas requiring healing.

Measure a pea-sized amount of snuff, chant prayers or hymns if desired, and load the kuripe applicator. Tap the applicator on a hard surface to remove air pockets.

Using Your Rapé

Position the applicator into one nostril, close your eyes, and blow the snuff into your airways. Hold the Rapé for a moment before blowing it out, allowing the natural process to unfold.

When taking Nukini Elixir Rapé, ensure both nostrils receive the medicine for balance. This ritual focuses on cleansing, and any fluids dripping down signify the expulsion of physical and spiritual ailments. Expel these fluids as part of the cleansing manifestation.

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