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Rapé Spiritual - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual– 10g

Embark on an ethereal journey with Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual, our divine Rapé formulation that goes beyond mere cleansing to establish a connection with the otherworldly dimensions. While not psychoactive, this potent blend incorporates sacred herbs that indigenous tribes utilize in their spiritual ceremonies, offering you an expanded path to energetic cleansing and divine insight.

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Cumaru Trevo: A Pan-American Marvel

One of the standout ingredients in our Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual blend is the herb known as Justicia pectoralis, or Cumaru Trevo. Native to a variety of locales, from the verdant forests of South America to the sun-soaked terrains of the Caribbean, this herb is a true wonder of the natural world. Its rich coumarin content lends an extraordinary fragrance and flavor to our Rapé, making it an ingredient of choice among various indigenous tribes. These tribes, each a venerable custodian of age-old plant wisdom, employ Cumaru Trevo in a plethora of ways—be it for crafting aphrodisiac potions in the Yanomami tradition or for instilling a robust work ethic, as per the Shipibo Conibo philosophy.

Bobinsana: More than a Teacher Plant

Beyond its place in Shipibo diets and Ayahuasca concoctions, Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) holds a revered status as a master teacher plant. But it doesn't just stop at invigorating the senses or providing a gentle boost to your physical state. In the esoteric knowledge systems of the Shipibo, Bobinsana is a spiritual catalyst. It is believed to fortify the human heart with higher levels of compassion, offering increased resilience and a clearer channel for guidance from celestial entities. When you partake in a session of Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual, you're not just consuming a product; you're unlocking a sacred avenue leading to expanded consciousness and enlightenment.

The Pinnacle of Spiritual Rapé Craftsmanship

Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual is no ordinary Rapé. It comes to you as a distillation of profound traditional insights and spiritual lore, converged into a singular blend. It encourages you to transcend ordinary realms and touch the face of pure, unconditional love. This sublime experience of boundless affection isn't about filling a void or satisfying conditions; it is love in its purest form, manifesting from your very being, devoid of reason or constraints. In the end, Shamanic Snuff – Spiritual is not just a Rapé blend; it is an invitation to journey through higher planes of existential beauty.

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