Rapé Parica - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
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Rapé Parica - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
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Rapé Parica - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff - Parica - 10 g 

Elevate your spiritual journey with Shamanic Snuff - Parica. This unique blend combines potent Sabia tobacco with Parica ashes, known as Xinsha, for an intensified grounding experience. With its deep tobacco focus and reddish hue, it's ideal for root chakra activation and captivating for Rapé connoisseurs.

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The Parica Legacy: A Confluence of Cultural Richness

The term 'Parica' traces its origin to the Caboclo forest inhabitants residing in its native region. Descendants of "Rubber Soldiers," these individuals were initially drawn to the region in pursuit of rubber, the so-called black gold of the early 20th century. After the decline of the rubber industry, they adapted to the forest, frequently settling along the banks of Amazonian rivers. Melding with indigenous societies, the Caboclos represent Brazil's unique blend of European, African, and Indigenous cultures. Our association with varied Caboclo groups has enriched our understanding and crafting of our sacred Shamanic Snuff - Rapé.

The Parica Distinctiveness: Far Beyond a Name

While the name "Parica" might suggest an association with Anadenanthera snuff or Yopo, our Parica stands distinct. This is a specialized Rapé, distinguished by its psychoactive qualities arising from specific seeds utilized in its making. Although named Xinsha as well, the precise botanical identification of this eminent tree remains undisclosed. Nonetheless, it's an imposing, awe-inspiring tree, and we look forward to delving deeper into its background in the future.

Unveil the layers of your consciousness with the powerful Shamanic Snuff - Parica, a true masterpiece in Rapé craftsmanship.

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