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Kuntanawa Rapé - Samauma

Kuntanawa Rapé - Samauma

Kuntanawa Rapé - Samauma - 10gr

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Elevate your spiritual journey with the profound essence of Kuntanawa Rapé - Samauma - a sacred blend intricately designed to harmonize the crown chakra while nurturing the umbilical chakra, influencing our interpersonal connections.

Revered as the Mother of all trees and hailed as the Queen of the Forest in various Amazonian cultures, the Samauma stands as the largest, generously providing shade to its fellow trees. Embedded in indigenous rituals and myths, this majestic tree holds a formidable spiritual reputation. According to traditions like that of the Kuntanawa, the Samauma serves as the dwelling place for spirits inhabiting the woods, earning its titles "Tree of Life" and "Ladder of Heaven" for its symbolic connection between the celestial and earthly realms. The Kuntanawa Samauma Rapé, therefore, acts as a potent conduit for establishing a profound spiritual connection and offering protective energies.

Unveiling the medicinal facets of the Samauma, its bark boasts diuretic properties, widely used in the Amazon to address abdominal bloating. In the lush forest, locals regard the bark as a revitalizing and potent fertility aid for women, while the Kuntanawa employ it to assist in the birthing process.

Crafted by our Kuntanawa allies, this renowned Rapé incorporates the ashes of the Samauma (Ceiba pentandra) tree bark, also known as the kapok tree, the giant of the forest. True to their commitment to excellence, the Kuntanawa utilize only the finest tobacco in the creation of their Sacred Snuffs, resulting in a powerful and refined medicine.

Samauma Rapé Snuff works intensely on the crown chakra, fostering a profound connection with the Astral plane. Simultaneously, its influence extends to the abdominal region, impacting the navel chakra, contributing to the restoration of strength, power, and self-esteem. Embrace the transformative qualities of Kuntanawa Samauma Rapé, a remarkable medicine that permeates through the entire body like a celestial ladder, lifting you to elevated states of being.

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