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Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu

Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu

Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu - 10gr

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Experience the invigorating warmth with Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu, an exquisite Shamanic Snuff meticulously crafted with Nixpu, also known as long pepper (Piper hispidinervum). Our artisans utilize the finest Nicotiana Rustica Mapacho from the Northeast of Brazil, ensuring top-notch quality in every pinch of this Rapé. At Kuntanawa, we take pride in consistently delivering a beautiful light brown or beige coloring, a testament to the perfect blend of tobacco and ash, mastered by our dedicated Rapé Snuff providers.

Nixpu, the indigenous name for pimenta longa or long pepper, belongs to the Piper hispidinervum variety native to Brazil's Acre state in the Amazon region. While resembling the Asian variety, it possesses unique qualities. The leaves carry a pleasant aroma, and beyond their heating effect, they are employed for energetic cleansing.

Kuntanawa Nixpu Shamanic Snuff, infused with Piper hispidinervum, is renowned for its potential benefits, including aiding indigestion and serving as a general strengthening medicine. Ideal for cold climates, Nixpu Rapé Snuff effectively warms the body. In indigenous communities, the tradition of consecrating Rapé involves partaking in a bit of it before a bath, harnessing its body-warming properties.

This blend features a delightful Tsunu ash, carefully selected for its gentle impact on the nose. Crafting superior ashes is an art, influencing the final Shamanic Snuff product. The choice of the right wood or bark, precise timing in ash collection, and preventing humidity are crucial factors. The ashes must be of the finest and lightest quality, requiring proper heat and a thorough burn to achieve the desired light color. At Kuntanawa, we prioritize these intricate details to deliver a Shamanic Snuff that not only engages your senses but also reflects our commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in the warmth of Kuntanawa Rapé - Nixpu and elevate your Shamanic journey.

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