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Kuntanawa Rapé - Jarina

Kuntanawa Rapé - Jarina

Kuntanawa Rapé - Jarina - 10gr

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Discover the harmonizing essence of Kuntanawa Rapé - Jarina – a unique blend that embodies equilibrium and draws from the rich traditions of the Kuntanawa people. This Rapé, deeply rooted in the Kuntanawa tradition, combines Sabia Mapacho and the finest Tsunu ashes sourced from the upper Jurua region. Tsunu, renowned for imparting strength and stamina, contributes to the overall stability that this blend offers. While Hapé warms the body, expelling toxins, it's crucial to use it judiciously.

The distinctive character of this Rapé is enhanced by the inclusion of Jarina or Phytelephas aequatorialis flowers, also known as Tagua. These flowers, derived from the Jarina palm tree, play a vital role in this blend. The seeds of the Jarina palm, known as vegetable ivory, are widely used in regional handicrafts and present a sustainable and botanical alternative to traditional ivory. The texture and color of vegetable ivory closely resemble that of animal ivory.

Not only prized for its contribution to Rapé, the Jarina flower carries a captivating fragrance, leading to the production of local floral waters. Despite the challenge of preserving its volatile scent, our knowledgeable makers have mastered the art, allowing us to provide this exquisite medicine year-round.

In the words of our Kuntanawa Rapé Snuff maker:

"Jarina is a medicine full of secrets, known and understood by only a select few. This medicine serves to dispel negative energies, bringing equilibrium, guiding us in the right direction, and instilling peace and tranquility on our path."

We express our gratitude to our partners from the Kuntanawa tribe, whose dedication continues to bring us exceptional blends that only improve with time. Immerse yourself in the secrets of Jarina with Kuntanawa Rapé, a blend that not only honors tradition but also offers a unique and harmonizing journey.

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