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Rapé Golden - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff - Golden - 10 g

Experience the serenity and vitality of Shamanic Snuff - Golden, an exceptional blend of Caneleiro ashes harmonized with invigorating herbs. This Shamanic Snuff stands out with its golden hue and incorporates eucalyptus and a medley of aromatic native herbs, including the revered Pixuri.

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Refreshing Ingredients, Enlightening Experience

Shamanic Snuff - Golden is enriched with superior Caneleiro ashes, offering a grounded yet ethereal foundation. Accentuating this base are whispers of eucalyptus and minty herbs like Pixuri (Licaria puchury-major), crafting a refreshing and sensory-stimulating experience.

The Power of Herbal Synergy

Beyond just a blend, Shamanic Snuff - Golden incorporates herbs known for their capability to open up both the respiratory system and your senses. The herbal elements work in synergy to cleanse the mind of negative energy, honoring the indigenous belief that mental states profoundly impact physical well-being.

The Influence of Eucalyptus

Though not indigenous, eucalyptus brings its refreshing essence to the blend, earning its place for the upliftment it provides. Widely cultivated in Brazil, it pairs harmoniously with the robust aroma of Nicotiana Rustica tobacco, elevating the overall experience in the most balanced manner.

The Magic of Pixuri

Pixuri holds a special place in this blend, renowned for its stimulant and tonic properties. Also known by various names like Apuxuri, it belongs to the same herbaceous lineage as Nissural and Katsural. Its seeds, sometimes referred to as Brazilian nutmeg, add an exciting flavor dimension and have culinary uses. Within the realms of Brazilian spiritual traditions, Pixuri is celebrated for its magical attributes, particularly in love rituals.

Discover the Essence

Shamanic Snuff - Golden is not merely a snuff but a thoughtfully curated composition designed to elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Journey into a world of herbal richness, mental clarity, and spiritual alignment with each inhalation of this potent blend.

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Molto, energizzante
Estremamente rivitalizzante e tonico, appena aspirato note di eucalipto ti penetrano rinfrescandoti, ma anche facendoti lacrimare. Una botta di energia che si sente. Poi, dopo pochi secondi di sensazione di intorpidimento, la mente si schiarisce, come se eliminasse il rumore di fondo. Tutto sembra più chiaro. Sensazione da provare.
By Angelo Giuseppe on 03/24/2024
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