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Rapé Amazon - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff – Amazon – 10g
A unique blend of spiritually potent elements straight from the heart of the Amazon rainforest.
This Rapé Shamanic Snuff combines the rich essence of Samauma ashes with an assortment of handpicked, iconic Amazonian herbs, delivering a transformative experience unlike any other.

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Elevated Ingredients, Refined Connection

Our Shamanic Snuff is crafted with exquisite Sabia tobacco of unparalleled quality to ensure an authentic and potent experience. Alongside the renowned Samauma ashes, this blend features Milome vine, aptly named "a thousand men," lending an intricate flavor profile to the snuff. Recognized for its natural sedative qualities, Milome vine adds a serene, calming nuance to the mix.

A Symphony of Flavors and Benefits

Elevating the blend are hints of Embaubinha and Lourinho, both indigenous to the Amazon forest. Embaubinha, a climbing plant with shimmering silver leaves, gleams under the full moon’s light, adding a mystical touch to the mixture. Lourinho, a minty herb, invigorates the respiratory system and uplifts the spirit. It belongs to the same herbal family as Nisural, Katsural, and Puxuri or Apuxuri, known for their various medicinal properties.

The Grandeur of Samauma

Central to this Shamanic Snuff is the majestic Samauma, often referred to as the "Queen of the Forest." As the largest tree in the Amazon, its expansive root system provides shade to the forest's diverse life forms. Indigenous tribes of the Amazon revere the Samauma, gathering beneath its sprawling branches for storytelling sessions, restful pauses, and ceremonial activities, including the sacred use of Shamanic Snuff. In local lore, the Samauma is considered an enchanted being—a princess transformed into a monumental tree.

Experience the Essence

Shamanic Snuff – Amazon is more than just a snuff; it's a curated blend of natural elements designed to connect your spirit with the mystical world of the Amazon. Immerse yourself in its unique aroma, flavor, and transformative benefits as you journey through layers of tradition, spirituality, and natural wellness.

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