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Rapé Haux Haux - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff - Haux Haux - 10 g

A divine blend meticulously crafted from teachings handed down by a Txai (akin to a spiritual sibling) from Brazil's Huni Kuin tribe. This soul-stirring blend seamlessly combines organic Moi and Sabiá tobaccos with the restorative ashes of Tsunu, layered with an array of indigenous herbs including clove vine (Tynanthus elegans), yunu, and the uniquely heart-shaped vine known as 'heart of the boa.'

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The Wisdom of Heart of the Boa

Known locally as Veia de Pajé or "Shaman's Vein," the 'heart of the boa' vine holds a revered place in tribal medicine. Aligned with the heart chakra, it is believed to offer both emotional and physical support to the heart. It is deeply ingrained in the indigenous wisdom that mental and emotional states have a substantial effect on physical health.

The Versatility of Clove Vine

Clove Vine, or Cipo Cravo, is not only a natural analgesic but also an invigorating stimulant. Utilized in Brazil's Umbanda practices, it's employed for the purification of subtle energy bodies through herbal baths. Beyond its spiritual applications, clove vine has culinary uses and can be brewed into a soothing tea.

The Sacred Resonance of Haux

'Haux' is a term uttered at the commencement and conclusion of shamanic prayers or healing ceremonies. Rooted in the cosmology of the Huni Kuin or Kaxinawa tribes, 'Haux' signifies the first sound emitted by Yuxibu, the mythical boa constrictor seen as their people's creator. This word of power, often misunderstood as a simple greeting, originally had its use confined to solemn rituals and healing practices. It serves as a vow by the medicine practitioner to act as a conduit for higher spiritual energies.

The Essence of Txai

In the Pano linguistic traditions of South America, 'Txai' is more than just a term of endearment or respect. Originating from the Hatxa Kuin language of the Huni Kuin tribe, it embodies the philosophy of seeing oneself in another. The term has now evolved to symbolize a true spirit of alliance not just among indigenous tribes but also with their western counterparts.

Embark on a Shamanic Voyage

Shamanic Snuff - Haux Haux is not just another snuff; it's a harmoniously crafted spiritual essence designed to awaken your mind, body, and spirit. Each inhalation is a step into a sacred journey, aligning you with herbal richness, mental clarity, and spiritual equilibrium.

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