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Caboclo Rapé - Parica Xtra

Caboclo Rapé - Parica Xtra

Caboclo Rapé - Parica Xtra - 10gr

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Experience the heightened strength with our Caboclo Rapé - Parica Xtra – an extra potent variant of our already robust Parica blend. While our standard Parica blend is not for the faint-hearted, the Xtra blend takes strength to new levels. Crafted for those who prefer an intense experience, this shamanic snuff is designed to be handled with care, offering a powerful and transformative journey.

Made with a distinct variety of extra strong Nicotiana rustica Arapiraca tobacco, this Xtra blend surpasses the strength of the already potent Sabia variety. It's a rare find due to its exceptional strength. Infused with ashes from the bark of the locally revered Parica tree (not to be confused with Yopo snuff), this blend boasts a darker hue, emphasizing a higher tobacco content and fewer ashes. The result is a strong Rapé designed to delve deep within, resonating with deep earthy tones in both color and character. Known for its impact on the stomach chakra, this blend brings strength and serves as a potent cleanser, scrubbing away the deep layers.

This unique Rapé is crafted by one of the region's most esteemed non-indigenous Rapé artisans, a master with deep roots in the forest. Growing up surrounded by nature, he began his journey as a young rubber tapper, witnessing a city for the first time at the age of sixteen. A true connoisseur of the forest, its flora, and medicinal wonders, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the creation of this special Rapé.

Caboclo Rapé

The Caboclos, born from historical syncretic relations in the post-colonization era, embody a fusion of Indigenous, European, and African elements. This unique blend of cultures has given rise to the distinctive Rapé blends presented here. Within the diverse population of the Amazon, we find skilled Rapé crafters like our artisan, infusing their creations with cultural influences, creating beautiful medicines for transformative experiences.

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