Caboclo Rapé - Paricá

Caboclo Rapé - Paricá

Caboclo Rapé - Paricá - 10gr

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Introducing our Caboclo Paricá Rapé – a potent elixir not for the faint-hearted, but for those seeking a profound journey. Crafted with care, this Rapé blend stands as one of the pioneers in the realm of robust snuffs, possessing an intensity that sets it apart. As the landscape of Rapé blends evolves with increased potency, our Caboclo Paricá Rapé remains a powerhouse, offering an energetic and grounding experience that reaches profound depths.

At the heart of this dynamic blend lies the robust Rustica tobacco, renowned for its strength. Paired with ashes derived from the bark of the locally revered Paricá tree, our Paricá Rapé exudes a unique energy. It's important to note that this Paricá is distinct from the Yopo snuff occasionally bearing the same name. The ashes, known as Xinshá, contribute to the blend's character, creating a composition that leans towards a higher tobacco content compared to many varieties, yet balanced and not excessive. Embracing the natural potency of the tobacco used, our blend offers an authentic and powerful experience.

Meet the Master behind Caboclo Parica Rapé

Our Caboclo Parica Rapé is meticulously crafted by one of the region's foremost non-indigenous Rapé artisans, a true maestro in his craft. Raised deep within the forest, his journey began as a young rubber tapper, venturing into the dense wilderness before dawn. His days were spent tapping latex trees, collecting their milky sap, and transforming it into natural rubber through a meticulous smoking process. His life unfolded with gradual exposure to modern elements – wearing shoes at fourteen, glimpsing a city at sixteen, and mastering literacy at the age of 21.

This artisan is not only a skilled Rapé producer but also a profound connoisseur of the forest, its flora, and medicinal wonders. With a lifetime of study and expertise, he previously served the government as an authority in identifying plants and navigating the intricate terrains of the forest. Our Caboclo Parica Rapé is a testament to his deep-rooted knowledge and commitment to preserving the essence of the Amazon's natural treasures. Immerse yourself in the power and wisdom of Caboclo Paricá Rapé – a journey guided by a true guardian of the forest.

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