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Caboclo Rapé - Gesileu

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Embark on a sensory journey with Caboclo Rapé - Gesileu, a creation by Gesileu, revered by many as an unparalleled rapé artisan. With meticulous attention, Gesileu formulates this enticing rapé recipe, infusing the aromatic Cumaru seed and a selection of secret special herbs.

Tailored for meditation, Caboclo Gesileu rapé invites you to embrace the energies of nature, heightening your senses and serenading the mind. Beyond its meditative qualities, rapé, as you're aware, serves as a remarkable remedy for respiratory concerns, ushering in a peaceful, tranquil, and rejuvenating sleep.

Caboclo Culture:

The roots of Caboclo culture delve into the amalgamation of immigrant laborers and the indigenous populace, fostering a vibrant exchange of wisdom. Originating predominantly from the Northeast of Brazil during the rubber boom, these workers, even in their native Northeastern habitat, represented the working class—blending European labor, African slaves, and local indigenous communities. This fusion birthed a distinctive popular culture, thriving prominently in North East Brazil. This cultural tapestry finds expression through music, literature, artwork, and their unique religious practices.

Religiously, Caboclo culture harmonizes indigenous traditions with Christianity and elements of indigenous animistic beliefs. From this convergence of mystical folk religions, the Ayahuasca cults blossomed in Acre, nestled within the Amazon region. These cults not only inherited but also seamlessly melded the cultural legacy with the potent medicinal attributes extracted from the heart of the forest.

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