Caboclo Rapé - Eucalipto

Caboclo Rapé - Eucalipto

Caboclo Rapé - Eucalipto - 10gr 

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Elevate your senses with Caboclo Rapé - Eucalipto, a potent blend that invigorates the mind and packs a refreshing kick! Crafted by one of our esteemed Rapé artisans, this unique blend combines the robust Sabia tobacco, tsunu ashes, and two special herbs, delivering a distinctive experience. Infused with a hint of eucalyptus, Caboclo Eucalipto boasts a refreshing touch that sets it apart. Additionally, it features the local herb known as alfavaca da mata or native alfavaca, celebrated for its ability to alleviate fever, headaches, and boost immunity. Locals also use it in herbal baths for protection against negative energies and magical influences. Alfavaca da Mata, also known as Tipi, adds an indigenous flair to this Shamanic Hapé Snuff.

In terms of color, Caboclo Eucalipto leans towards a deeper brown hue compared to the more ashy Yawanawa Rapés. The inclusion of these carefully selected herbs introduces higher tones, elevating the overall experience. While some tobacco-centric snuffs may offer an earthy flavor and grounding sensation, the addition of herbs in this blend imparts a unique lift.

Rooted in Caboclo culture, this Rapé pays homage to the rich heritage of worker immigrants who intermingled with indigenous communities, sharing knowledge and traditions. Originating from the Northeast of Brazil during the rubber boom, these workers brought a distinct popular culture that thrives in the North East. This culture is evident in music, literature, artworks, and their syncretic religions, blending native beliefs with Christianity and indigenous animism. In the heart of the Amazon in Acre, these mystical folk traditions evolved into Ayahuasca cults, merging cultural legacy with the healing power of the forest's medicines. Experience the depth and richness of Caboclo Rapé - Eucalipto, a journey into tradition, culture, and the potent realms of Amazonian shamanic snuff.

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