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Apurinã Snuff - Awiry

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Experience the unique essence of Apurinã Snuff – Awiry, a distinctive creation crafted by the Apurinã tribe using the Awiry plant. Unlike other tribes in the region, the Apurinã exclusively utilize Awiry without the inclusion of tobacco or ashes in the making of their Green Rapé Snuff.

Renowned for its exceptional quality, the Apurinã Awiry Rapé stands out among the offerings of other tribes. The name 'Awiry' not only represents the snuff but is also the identity of the plant employed in its preparation. Awiry, often regarded as a wild tobacco variety, defines the Apurinã Green Rapé Snuff, typically considered tobacco-free. While its nicotine content remains uncertain, the plant thrives along riverbanks, and its harvest is restricted to specific seasons, dictated by the rise and fall of river waters. Although Awiry grows naturally, efforts have been made in some communities to cultivate it.

The Awiry plant, intricately linked to river ecosystems, dictates that the rapé creation predominantly occurs during the dry season. This exclusivity renders the Apurinã Awiry Snuff both rare and exceptional until expanded cultivation makes it more readily available.

In contrast to the conventional Nicotinum rustica tobacco in Brazil, which undergoes fermentation, Awiry follows a unique process. It is naturally air-dried without fermentation or heating, preserving its vibrant green hue. The dried plant material is then ground without any ash additives, resulting in a raw and vibrant Rapé, teeming with life.

While many Indigenous Rapés are administered either individually using a Kuripe or by another person with a Tepi, the Apurinã Awiry takes a distinctive approach. Inhaling this snuff is facilitated through a tube, a method shared with some tribes using Yopo. The application involves taking a portion in hand and sniffing it through a bone or a wild bamboo tube, creating an immersive and unique experience.

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