Caboclo Rapé - Yuxibu

Caboclo Rapé - Yuxibu

Caboclo Rapé – Yuxibu - 10gr

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Caboclo Yuxibu unveils a sacred fusion, crafted with local herbs meticulously guarded by the artisan.

Immerse yourself in the potency of Caboclo Yuxibu, a sacred amalgamation of undisclosed local herbs, forming a formidable medicinal concoction. This powerful Rapé is meticulously prepared using robust tobacco and the ashes of the revered Parica tree. Designed to be a channel to our ancestors and an invocation of the forest spirits' energy, Caboclo Yuxibu Rapé resonates with the vibrant call, "Ush Ush Ush… Ra Ra Ra… Siri Siri Siri… Sacred Yuxibu, come out and dance with us!"

Yuxibu, Spirits of the Forest

The term Yuxibu, rooted in the indigenous Huni Kuin language, signifies the spirits of the forest. Among these, the Boa Constructor holds prominence as one of the most revered spirits. Legend has it that the Boa Constructor is the Great Spirit, the originator of the first sound. In their ceremonies, the Huni Kuin echo the spirit's presence with the chant "Siri Siri Siri." This sacred boa constrictor, a symbol of indigenous reverence, is known for imparting knowledge to the Kaxinawa or Huni Kuin, particularly in the art of crafting their Nixa Pae, their term for Ayahuasca. This connection extends to the potent tribal medicines, embodying the essence of Yuxibu – the sacred spirits of the forest and its people.

Crafted by a true Caboclo, with roots in both a migrant rubber tapper family and an indigenous lineage, the maker encapsulates the essence of Acre state in Brazil. Connected to the Nukini tribe, he draws profound knowledge of medicinal practices. Originating from the Serra do Divisor, a national park bordering Brazil and Peru, this Caboclo's expertise is deeply rooted in the rich biodiversity of the region, marked by lush waterfalls and diverse wildlife. Step into the profound essence of Caboclo Yuxibu – a Rapé Snuff that weaves together the forces of Yuxibu, the sacred spirits of the forest, and the vibrant traditions of its people.

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