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Huni Kuin Rapé - Cacau

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Experience the robust and earthy essence of our Shamanic Snuff with the powerful Huni Kuin Rapé – Cacau. This extraordinary blend is deeply rooted in the Huni Kuin tradition, featuring the potent ashes of the native Amazonian cacao tree. Unlike typical cacao Rapé with a reddish hue, this variant is exceptionally strong, boasting a composition with less ashes and an abundance of tobacco, specifically a blend of Sabia and Moi varieties.

In this unique concoction, the dominant extra-strong Sabia tobacco harmonizes with a smaller portion of the native Moi tobacco, known for its gentler strength and delightful flavor. The result is a Rapé with a profound earthy and grounding character, crafted to offer a transformative experience. Theobroma cacao, scientifically known as the cacao tree, lends its name to this blend. In Portuguese, it's called cacau, derived from the Greek words meaning "food of the gods."

Theobromine, an alkaloid found in cacao, adds to the blend's distinctive qualities, known for its vasodilator, diuretic, and heart-stimulating properties. The word "Cacoa" finds its roots in Nahuatl (Aztecan) cacahuatl, translating to "bean of the cocoa-tree." Originating from the Amazon basin, the ashes used in this Rapé are sourced from native trees growing wild along the riversides in the jungle – a testament to its 100% original Amazonian authenticity.

The Huni Kuin Cacau Rapé holds cultural significance, as tribes, primarily the Huni Kuin, but also others, have traditionally utilized the bark and wood of this native cacao variety to create ashes for their Rapé Snuff. These small trees with thin trunks yield a unique ash that is challenging to produce in its original form.

Beyond its cultural roots, the Cacau Rapé has a multifaceted impact. While it opens the heart in ceremonial use, it also delivers a profound grounding effect, fortifying the root chakra and ensuring a firm connection to the earth. It embodies an invitation to experience an open heart in harmony with the planet – a journey into the soulful embrace of nature.

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