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Katukina Rapé – Nisural

Katukina Rapé – Nisural

Katukina Rapé – Nisural - 10gr

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Katukina Rapé – Nisural: Revitalize Your Spirit with Herbal Cleansing

Embark on a spiritual journey with Katukina Rapé – Nisural, a blend meticulously crafted for spiritual cleansing and unlocking the crown chakra. This unique Rapé is a synergy of local organic moi tobacco and the potent corda tobacco, creating a powerful and transformative medicine. The preparation includes Tsunu ashes, locally referred to as Tsono, bringing a distinctive touch to the blend.

Nisural: A Minty, Healing Herb

Adding to the blend is Nisural or Nissural, a minty herb with a delightful fragrance. Belonging to the same family as Apuxury and Pixuri, it is also known as Katsural. The diversity in names reflects the richness of local traditions, with tribes attributing various names to these herbs. Nisural serves multiple purposes – from alleviating headaches to clearing negative energies. Shamans use it in teas, baths, and smudging rituals to purify individuals in need of healing. The concept of Nissun or Panema, representing the accumulation of negative energies, is addressed through herbal baths, smudging ceremonies, sacred medicines, and prayer.

In the words of the maker:

“Rapé from Tsunu is a medicine for healing. We put the Nisural to take away the bad thoughts. Sometimes we have some mental perturbation and we take this rapé to clear our thoughts. When we have bad thoughts we take this medicine to take away our bad thoughts.”

Katukina Shamans: Guardians of Tradition

The Katukina tribe, with its roots near the Yawanawa on the Gregorio river, maintains a deep connection to its traditions. The tribe faces challenges near urban areas, but the Katukina strive to protect their language, with children typically learning Portuguese around the age of eight. Despite the influence of city life, the Katukina remain resilient, preserving their culture and language.

The Gregorio region is home to powerful Katukina Shamans, while the tribal lands near the city also boast capable shamans with extensive knowledge of medicinal practices, including Rapé Snuff, Kambo, and Ayahuasca. The Katukina tribe stands as guardians of ancient wisdom, offering transformative medicines deeply rooted in the heart of the Amazon.

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