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Katukina Rapé - Sacred Dreams

Katukina Rapé - Sacred Dreams

Katukina Cumaru Sacred Dream - 10gr

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Explore the essence of May with our exclusive product, the Katukina Cumaru Sacred Dream. Derived from Cumaru, also recognized as Tonka Bean or cumaru seed, this plant native to the Amazon boasts aromatic seeds, giving rise to its distinctive fragrance. Cumaru seeds are renowned for their sweet aroma, often referred to as the vanilla of the Amazon.

Immerse yourself in the alluring scent of our perfumed Katukina Cumaru, aptly named "Sacred Dream." This unique blend serves as a potent companion for astral projections, enriching the spiritual connection during sleep. The Sacred Dream is designed to safeguard your sensitivity, creating a sacred space for spiritual communication during this vital phase of rest.

Beyond its spiritual attributes, our featured rapé for May is a revered remedy for respiratory concerns. Experience the soothing properties that contribute to a lighter and more tranquil sleep routine. Elevate your senses with Katukina Cumaru Sacred Dream, an Amazonian blend crafted to enhance your spiritual journey and promote restful nights.

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