Kuntanawa Rapé - Força

Kuntanawa Rapé - Força

Kuntanawa Rapé - Força - 10gr

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Introducing Kuntanawa Força, an exceptional and potent Kuntanawa Rapé that truly embodies the essence of Shamanic Snuff. This unique blend offers a profound medicinal experience, striking a harmonious balance between quality tobacco and Tsunu ashes. Infused with the delightful aroma of Apuxuri, a local herb exclusive to the Kuntanawa, Força emanates an uplifting freshness, making it a powerful and invigorating medicine that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Apuxuri, the Kuntanawa rendition of Pixuri or Puxuri, is a plant commonly known as Brazilian nutmeg, with its leaves being the preferred part for Rapé production. Botanically identified as Licaria puchury, this herb contributes to the distinctive character of Kuntanawa Força.

The diversity in names across tribes and regions adds to the richness of indigenous traditions. Apuxuri, Pixuri, or Puxuri may have varying names based on dialects, indigenous traditions, or phonetic nuances during transcription. The slight variations in herbs like Pixuri or Apuxuri used in Rapé Snuff production are influenced by factors such as soil composition and genetic differences.

Closely related to Nissural and Katsural, Apuxuri imparts a refreshing quality to Hapé, making it a vital component for energetic cleansing. Experience the goodness of Kuntanawa Força, a blend that not only delights the senses with its unique flavor but also serves a purpose in the ancient tradition of Rapé, offering both pleasure and utility in every sacred pinch.

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