Rapé Tsunu Strong - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
Rapé Tsunu Strong - Shamanic Snuff  - 2
Rapé Tsunu Strong - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
Rapé Tsunu Strong - Shamanic Snuff  - 2

Rapé Tsunu Strong - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Strong – 10g

Embrace a robust and compelling spiritual experience with Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Strong. This potent Rapé blend brings together the intensity of Arapiraca tobacco and the traditional Tsunu ashes, exclusively sourced from the Yawanawa tribe. Ideal for those seeking a more vigorous ceremonial journey, Tsunu Strong epitomizes a robust connection with the spiritual world.

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Powerful Arapiraca Tobacco: The Backbone of Tsunu Strong

Harvested from the fertile lands around Arapiraca in Brazil’s northeastern Sergipe state, our Arapiraca tobacco is an embodiment of strength and quality. Renowned for its role as one of the key cultivators of Nicotiana rustica natural tobacco, Arapiraca provides tobacco that is not only potent but also organically grown. Available in large, rope-shaped rolls, this tobacco amplifies the power of our Tsunu blend.

Tsunu Ashes from the Yawanawa Tribe: A Mark of Authenticity

Our Tsunu ashes come directly from the Yawanawa tribe, who reside in the Gregorio river tribal territories in the municipality of Tarauaca. These ashes are artisanally crafted from sustainably sourced wood, retaining the essence of the tribe’s traditional practices. The Yawanawa are not just users but masters of this unique ash, elevating the Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Strong to an unparalleled level of spiritual efficacy.

A Simplified Yet Powerful Blend

The Tsunu Strong recipe is a Yawanawa classic, known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Unlike other Rapé blends filled with multiple ingredients, Tsunu Strong stands out for its straightforward yet potent formulation. Comprising high-quality Arapiraca tobacco and traditional Tsunu ashes, this blend offers two types of tobacco: the native moi for a milder experience and the compelling Sabiá Arapiraca for those who crave intensity.

Tsunu Strong: A Unique Proportion

Compared to our Tsunu Extra Shamanic Snuff variety, Tsunu Strong contains slightly more ashes and less tobacco. This composition aligns closely with the traditional Yawanawa hues that have garnered widespread acclaim and love.

Sacred Connection: The Shamanic Snuff Tradition

Long before modern times, the indigenous inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon have revered their sacred plants, using them for healing, prayer, and spiritual growth. Among these, tobacco holds a place of unparalleled significance. Whether smoked in pipes, chewed, or used in various other forms like the Colombian Ambil, tobacco remains an irreplaceable part of indigenous ceremonies. Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Strong is a tribute to this age-old tradition, offering a powerful medium for spiritual exploration.

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