Rapé Tsunu Native - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
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Rapé Tsunu Native - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
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Rapé Tsunu Native - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Native – 10g

Experience a softer, more approachable spiritual journey with Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Native, a milder Rapé blend that masterfully combines the elemental grace of Tsunu ashes with the refined flavors of natural moi tobacco indigenous to Acre state. This blend represents a more serene pathway in our Tsunu line-up, elevating the ritual experience through the expertise of our partners, the Yawanawa tribe.

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Authentic Moi Tobacco: The Foundation of Tsunu Native

Our Moi tobacco is sourced from the fertile lands of the upper Jurua region, a landscape flush with natural beauty and cultural significance that lies adjacent to the Peruvian border. The Moi variety boasts a unique and pleasant flavor profile, cultivated without the use of pesticides. The tobacco leaves are handpicked, showcasing an unblemished and natural product that harmonizes perfectly with our Tsunu ashes.

Tsunu Ashes from Yawanawa Sources: The Essence of Purity

We procure our Tsunu ashes from the Yawanawa tribe, who are considered masters in the utilization of this particular ash, even though Tsunu is a commonly used ash in the region. While there are multiple species identified as Tsunu by local communities, for the Yawanawa, only one truly embodies the essence of their cultural and spiritual practices. These ashes are an integral component, making Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Native an exceptional blend.

The Distinctiveness of Moi Mapacho Sticks

The Moi tobacco used in our blend is available in elongated sticks that typically weigh around 1.5 kilograms and exceed a meter in length. These sticks represent a higher-quality alternative to the more commonly found Peruvian mapacho masso and are perfect both for Rapé Snuff and smoking purposes. Historically, this local mapacho variety was the go-to ingredient for regional Rapé blends.

Sustainable Community Engagement: Harmony with Nature

The communities in the Jurua extractive reserve, where our Moi tobacco is sourced, practice professions like rubber tapping and tobacco farming in an environmentally responsible manner. Known as Caboclos, these communities have embraced the wisdom imparted by their indigenous neighbors to live in balance with their surroundings. They adhere to sustainable principles, consuming only what is needed, ensuring a harmonious relationship with the ecosystem.

The Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Native Experience

Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Native is more than a product; it's a gateway to subtler spiritual realms. Ideal for those who seek a more moderate Rapé blend without compromising on depth or complexity, Tsunu Native serves as an illuminating guide through various layers of existence. Experience a blend that engages not only the senses but also the soul.

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