Rapé Tsunu Extra - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
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Rapé Tsunu Extra - Shamanic Snuff  - 1
Rapé Tsunu Extra - Shamanic Snuff  - 2

Rapé Tsunu Extra - Shamanic Snuff

Introducing Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra – 10g

Embark on a profound spiritual voyage with Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra, our potent Rapé blend that brings together the elemental potency of Tsunu ashes and the exceptional intensity of Sabiá tobacco. This blend surpasses mere ritualistic use, offering an unparalleled experience born from premium ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship.

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Superior Sabiá Tobacco: The Backbone of Our Blend

Sourced from Arapiraca, a region in Northeast Brazil, our Sabiá tobacco is a dark black corda (rope) variety revered by the foremost Rapé creators from the Amazonian tribes. Harvested and fermented using traditional methods, this tobacco is supplied in rope rolls, ensuring a natural, unadulterated product. We refine our Shamanic Snuff with a 100-micron sieve to ensure an optimal Rapé experience without respiratory hindrances.

Yawanawa-sourced Tsunu Ashes: Simplicity Meets Efficacy

Derived from the Yawanawa tribe who inhabit the Gregorio river tribal lands in Tarauacá municipality, the Tsunu ashes in our Rapé blend are created through artisanal burning methods of sustainably acquired wood. This basic yet effective Tsunu recipe made by the Yawanawa consists of these high-quality ashes combined with our selection of superior tobaccos, including native moi, medium-strength Arapiraca, and potent Sabiá, offering diverse experiences to suit individual preferences.

The Enigma of Tsunu Ashes: A Symbol of Sacred Strength

The tree responsible for original Tsunu ashes has been a subject of some debate, though many attribute it to Pau Pereira (Platycyamus regnellii). Different varieties yield ashes in shades from pure white to grayish-red, but the original Tsunu offers a striking cream-colored ash. For the Yawanawa, this tree is a spiritual linchpin, embodying their core values of strength and vigor.

An Artisanal Unification: The Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra Experience

Shamanic Snuff – Tsunu Extra transcends the ordinary, serving as a fusion of age-old wisdom, herbal potency, and modern craftsmanship. Ideal for those seeking a robust blend that satisfies on multiple levels—physical, spiritual, and emotional—this Rapé acts as a guide, enabling exploration of diverse facets of life and well-being. In essence, it's not merely a product; it's a gateway to deeper layers of existence.

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