Huni Kuin Rapé - Canela de Velho

Huni Kuin Rapé - Canela de Velho

Huni Kuin Rapé - Canela de Velho - 10gr

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Experience the unique blend of tradition and healing with our Huni Kuin Rapé - Canela de Velho. Crafted according to the traditional recipes of the Huni Kuin indigenous community, this Rapé boasts Miconia albicans, also known as Canela de Velho or Old Man’s Cinnamon, and Sabiá Tobacco, creating a potent snuff renowned for its spiritual and physical healing properties.

Produced in the Igarapé do Caucho village, situated within the Indigenous Land of the same name in Taraucá county, Acre, northern Brazil, this Rapé is a testament to the skilled hands of the Caucho people. Approximately 900 individuals, forming 187 families of the Pano linguistic group, contribute to the rich cultural heritage embedded in every preparation.

The Ingredients Behind the Huni Kuin Rapé – Canela de Velho:

Sabiá Tobacco:

Derived from Nicotiana rustica, Sabiá Tobacco appears in the form of ropes or thick vines used in indigenous medicine production. The twisting process involves harvesting, drying, and fermenting Sabiá tobacco leaves, resulting in handmade cylinders of tobacco rope. Recognized as "rope tobacco," this variation is esteemed for its potency in native medicine. It is a frequent participant in traditional healing ceremonies and sacred rituals, believed to offer profound curative power for both body and spirit.

Canela de Velho:

Miconia albicans, abundant in bioactive compounds like flavonoids, rutin, alpha-amyrin, and quercetin, defines Canela de Velho. Known as Old Man’s Cinnamon, this plant enriches the shamanic snuff mixture with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties. Revered for its soothing effects on conditions like rheumatism and arthrosis, it addresses joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. While comparisons are drawn to the Caneleiro tree, the unique sensations described by natural medicine practitioners consuming Canela de Velho make it a distinct and specific experience. Linked benefits include delaying signs of aging, preventing diabetes, and protecting cells from free radical damage, potentially guarding against certain types of cancer.

Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom and healing potential of the Canela de Velho Rapé – a sacred journey guided by the hands of the Huni Kuin people.

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