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Authentic Rapé - Apurina - Green Awiry

Immerse yourself in the invigorating aura of the Amazon with our Rapé blend, Apurina - Green. Specially handcrafted by the Apurina Tribe, this green Rapé stands as a pinnacle of indigenous wisdom and is an essential for those who cherish the extraordinary in Rapé.

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The Significance of Awiry

The blend puts a spotlight on Awiry, a plant held in high esteem by the Apurina Tribe. Unlike other blends, this Rapé solely relies on Awiry, without the use of any additional ashes, underscoring its purity and significance.

A Continuum of Ancestral Legacy

Apurina - Green serves as a living testament to the cultural richness and steadfast spirit of the Apurina people. Even as the modern world evolves, this tribe remains deeply anchored to its ancestral heritage. Inhaling this Rapé is akin to connecting with the very soul of Apurina culture.

About our Authentic Rapé

Our groundbreaking 'Authentic Rapé' range signifies the deep relationship we’ve cultivated with Amazonian tribes, the true custodians of this ancient form of art. Take a spiritual journey with us into the dense Amazon rainforest where we've respectfully engaged with the age-old wisdom and customs of these indigenous people. This Rapé comes directly from the skilled hands that create it with love and intentionality.

Handcrafted with Intention

Each glass bottle contains 10 grams of Rapé, meticulously crafted by tribal medicine practitioners according to age-old recipes. Supporting local tribes and assuring both purity and potency in every pinch.

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