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Rapé Nukini - Onça

Rapé Nukini - Onça - Canela de Velho - 10gr

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Introducing Rapé Nukini - Onça Discover the Essence of Masculine Rapé

Immerse yourself in the world of Rapé Nukini - Onça - 10gr, a truly captivating and masculine Rapé blend that encapsulates the spirit of the Nukini tribe. The Nukini, known as the "people of the jaguar," share an intimate bond with this revered creature. In Portuguese, the jaguar is called "Onça Pintada," and it holds a significant place in the shamanic lore of indigenous Amazonian peoples. However, the Nukini hold the jaguar closest to their hearts.

Meet Xiti, a dynamic cultural and spiritual leader within the Nukini tribe, and a Rapé master of unparalleled skill. It is under his expert guidance that this exceptional Rapé blend, Nukini Onça, comes to life. With meticulous care, Xiti curates this blend, infusing it with his personal selection of sacred herbs. While he keeps the precise herb composition a well-guarded secret, the results are truly remarkable.

Nukini Onça is a testament to the artistry of Xiti, offering a powerful and beautiful masculine medicine that unfolds its strong effects, making it particularly well-suited for deep meditation and introspection. Nukini Onça stands as a true winner in the world of Rapé.

Like many indigenous tribes, the Nukini faced the looming threat of losing their Rapé culture during the rubber boom. Yet, their unwavering determination led to a resurgence of this sacred tradition, and today, their snuffs are revered as some of the most sought-after varieties. This reputation is in large part due to the high-quality Nukini Rapé crafted by our valued partner, Xiti. Beyond his expertise in Rapé, Xiti is a gifted musician, skilled in both traditional and Portuguese songs, adding to the richness of Nukini culture.

Discover the essence of Rapé Nukini - Onça, a blend that bridges the connection between the Nukini people, their deep reverence for the jaguar, and the masterful artistry of Xiti. Elevate your spiritual journey with this exquisite masculine Rapé, and experience its transformative effects.

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