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Rapé - Yawanawa - Kanaro

Intensity Rating: 4/5

Amplifies Mental Acuity

Purifying Qualities

Balancing and Clarifying Influence

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Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro: Journey into Focused Clarity and Holistic Wellbeing

Discover a transformative experience with Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro, a blend inspired by the Blue Macaw, a spiritual emissary from the sacred realms of the Yawanawa people. Uniquely formulated to hone your mental agility, purify your physique, and instill a tranquil aura—this rapé is your compass to clarity and grounded wellness.

The Spiritual Architect: Shaneihu

The master behind this transcendent blend is Shaneihu, the grandchild of the revered shaman Pajé Yawa. Shaneihu undertook a year-long, intensely rigorous Muka initiation diet under the tutelage of his late grandfather. This spiritual odyssey has imbued this rapé with a celestial sense of focus and clarity, affirming its spiritual authenticity.

Guardians of the Forest: The Yawanawa Tribe

Situated in the southern stretches of the Gregório River Indigenous Land, the Yawanawa community is helmed by Tashka and Laura Yawanawa. This dynamic duo has spearheaded efforts to expand tribal territories and rejuvenate the Yawanawa culture. By purchasing this rapé, you not only partake in their ancestral wisdom but also contribute to their fight for territorial integrity and environmental stewardship.

The Unique Touch: Craftsmanship Variations

While there exists a foundational blueprint for crafting rapé, it serves more as an intuitive guide than an unalterable rule. The spiritual artists behind each batch may introduce nuanced adjustments to the ingredient ratios or harvesting periods, making every batch an exclusive creation.

Planet-Friendly Packaging

Our quest for sustainability has led us to opt for glass containers over plastic. We encourage you to repurpose these vessels as we endeavor to establish a dedicated glass recycling initiative.

Experience the unrivaled synergy of Rapé Yawanawa Kanaro and unlock unparalleled levels of mental sharpness, spiritual richness, and holistic equilibrium.

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