CBD Honey 60ml  - 1

CBD Honey 60ml

Our CBD Honey is 100% made by bees, the CBD is not added manually, but collected directly by the bees themself. By planting CBD rich marijuana plants directly near the beehives, the bees take small portions of high CBD trichomes from these plants while collecting their sugar for making this Honey.

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This is another creative way to consume medical marijuana. Considering the taste of the CBD component in cannabis, honey is a sweeter way of representing the products. The medical importance of both honey and CBD put together is a significant boost to mental and physical wellbeing. One of the most popular uses for CBD honey are mixing it in a hot cup of tea. Some of the ailments that these two elements can heal include:-

 Sore throat

CBD helps to improve body immunity and reduces the pain from the infection while honey reduced coughing.


CBD has properties that help rejuvenate the skin and protect it against aging. Honey in itself is an anti-oxidants.

 Physical Exercises

the active component in CBD helps keep the body warm and active for physical activity. It also keeps you in a good mood and reduces pain during the exercise. Honey supply carbohydrates that supply glycogen depleted during the work-out. It acts as a supplement.

 Lowers Hypertension

CBD, together with other cannabis properties are instrumental in maintaining cardiovascular activity. They lower the blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. Especially for women, the consumption of honey significantly reduces blood pressure.


CBD Honey is a good anti-inflammation agent. This observation comes in handy thanks to the concentration of cells on the wound. This does not deter the immune system from fighting foreign organism that wants to gain entry into the body.

The CBD Honey is packed hygienically in visible containers with the Cannabis Bakehouse brand. The CBD content in this product is 2.75%. Prices range from €14.95 for a 60ml container to €39.95 for the big 240ml CBD honey pot. From the heart of the baking capital, the Bakehouse is one of the best in this field. Buy your CBD Honey direct from the official Cannabis Bakehouse webshop!

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