CBH – CBD Gummy Bears Cola, 30pcs

CBH – CBD Gummy Bears Cola, 30pcs

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With these CBD cola bottles we offer you an organic CBD cannabis extract that gives you your favorite taste. Like all our other CBD gummies, this cola version also contains no THC. Legal to use anywhere you want, delicious in taste and incredibly effective, what more could you ask for? Unlike THC, CBD does not cause psychoactive symptoms such as a high or stoned feeling. That’s why the state has legalized these treats and you can freely use them anywhere. Please note that you do not exceed the maximum dose of 6 per day and, if you should find out you need a higher dose, please do contact us so we can advise you well.

Make sure that you do not store the gummies in a warm place or where it is accessible to sunlight. These candies have the habit to melt and that does not benefit the product at all. Also make sure that they are not within reach of grasping children’s hands or craving dogs muzzles. These sweets are not dangerous or poisoned, but it is not the intention that a child ingests too high a dose of CBD. If you are allergic to nuts, lecithin or milk and soy products, first inquire whether it is sensible for you and whether there is another easy way of taking CBD.

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