CBH – CBD Gummy Bears Cherry, 30pcs

CBH – CBD Gummy Bears Cherry, 30pcs

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Made from organically grown cannabis, they are ideal for relaxing and balancing yourself and your surroundings. All the rich beneficial compounds from the cannabis plant have been preserved so that we can offer you a full spectrum product. Besides THC, the psychoactive compound we left out in the recipe, we use all the terpenes you need to boost your health. Our cherry gummies are rich in broad spectrum CBD as each candy contains no less than 10mg. The large packs of 60 pieces even releases 15 mg. per gum.


The combination of CBD, flavonoids and terpenes, along with other unique compounds included in these innovative candies, will calm your inner self. They will feed your endocannabinoid system in an accurate way and since the THC was left out, they cannot make you feel high or stoned. You will have to discover your personal dose yourself because it is different for everyone. If you are new to cannabis edibles or nutritional supplements, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you on your way

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