CBH – Hulkberry Brownie

CBH – Hulkberry Brownie

If you need a strong dose of CBD, our Green Gelato brownies must be something for you. These are brownies with character! The taste of sweet fruit and aromas that evoke exotic images in you are subtly present because, with a brownie, the taste of delicious chocolate dominates.

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The ingredients used were carefully selected, considered, weighed and found to be perfect. Our bakery therefore meets all strict hygiene standards required by the food agency. This is our guarantee that we always keep in mind so that you are 100% sure that you are buying a good and solid product. You must have tasted them at least once, however, we are completely convinced that it does not stop at one time. The full taste of chocolate, processed in a soft Hulkberry cannabis brownie that you feel melt on your tongue, you really can't stop there!

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