Gorilla Glue Brownie

Gorilla Glue Brownie

Brownies are some of the most wanted treats of the moment because they are a tasty introduction to cannabis edibles. Gorilla Glue Brownies are not only the favorite of many customers because they have a powerful name, but mainly because of the taste and the high dose of CBD.

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Anyone familiar with the cannabis strain Gorilla Glue knows that you only need to use very little for an excellent result, and that also applies to the edibles. You can say that you really get value for your money with these goodies.

Our bakers are proud of themselves because their brownies are being baked under strict hygienic standards so you can always be sure of the best result. You can expect a soft cake with a delicious chocolate taste that is free of THC so you don’t get high or stoned. The high dose of CBD or cannabidiol and other beneficial terpenes ensure that you will experience a wonderfully relaxed feeling after eating a brownie. If you keep them in the fridge, you can keep them up to six months. Each piece is beautifully and discreetly packaged so that, even if it’s legal, you can enjoy it wherever you want. That’s why they always are sold out so quickly.

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