Lemon Haze Brownie
Lemon Haze Brownie
Lemon Haze Brownie
Lemon Haze Brownie

Lemon Haze Brownie

The Lemon Haze Brownie is one of the most progressive products from Cannabis Bakehouse. The taste is a mixture of pepper, mint and fruits. The combination brings together a soothing feeling, embodiment of treatment and a calming effect. The results are replenishing of energy and relaxing of the nerves.

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The lemon haze brownie makes one energetic, boost their moods, make them relaxed and contributes to general happiness. There is also a certain degree of euphoria. The fresh smell of lemons helps to calm down the nerves to relieve bodily pains and reduce the stressful feeling. People who have fatigue can also take the brownie.

 The taste of lemons in a brownie brings in the relieving feeling, and the CBD additive is medically proven to be an instrument in body functioning. The taste is amazing and the effects stay longer. It makes one energetic, creative, happy, euphoric and stress-free. Cannabis Bakehouse advice: you should combine it with a nice cup of cannabis coffee.

 At Cannabis Bakehouse, the production of Haze Brownie is 100% natural and hygienic. The ingredients are tested to industry standards to ensure no traces of THC is found and the production process is impurities free. The Bakehouse gives the Lemon haze a 5-star rating, thanks to its strong properties and relaxing effects. Its price starts from  €4.95 per piece. There is also a discount for bulk buyers. So don’t just buy one, buy a lot of lemon haze brownies and share them with your friends for a discounted price!

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