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Chocolate Haze Muffin

The twist in flavour is what makes the Chocolate Haze muffin stand out. If you are a lover of chocolate and need some cannabis ingredient incorporated, this product is the best you can partake. The chocolate haze is made from a combination of Chocolope X and the Cannalope Haze. They are all-natural and have a 100% guarantee of quality. The blend gives the best muffin in the category and the outcome is evident.

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CannabisBakeHouse’s Chocolate Haze Muffin has been prepared using 100% all-natural ingredients, and you can be assured of getting it freshly baked when you make your online order. CannabisBakeHouse aims at delivering to your home a muffin that would taste as perfect and fresh as it would right from the oven. Our baked cannabis muffin products are available for use by anyone above the age of 20. Besides, we can guarantee you that our Chocolate Haze Muffin does not contain any traces of THC; therefore, don’t hesitate to make your order now.

 Have you ever smoked or vaped the Chocolate Haze Strain? Then you will definitely recognize the amazing taste of the Chocolope Haze. It’s no surprise that our Chocolate Muffins is one of the most popular edibles among coffeeshop visitors in Amsterdam. What better than to eat your munches away with a great tasting cannabis muffin?

 The Bakehouse is among the pioneer and the best producers of Chocolate Haze Muffins. They are hygienically prepared to meet food standards. As long as their ingestion is controlled, there are not plausible side effects of this muffin. The taste is great and the muffin can be taken with any beverage or as a snack.

 The Chocolate Haze Muffins is perfect to combine with our Cannabis Chocolate or Cannabis Coffee. If your order value is above 50€ we will pay for the shipping costs, and that’s not all, if you order more then 3 of this muffin we will give you a discounted price!

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